Michele Caplan

I am primarily a colorist, but it is hard to know were a painting will go. Most often, it reflects the tensions of my internal life: beauty, social consciousness, dreams, and relationships. My work has become increasingly more abstract, drawing from landscape and figurative impulses. My work evolves from something concrete...my garden, photographs, material from the internet, images of myself...As I revise, I look for associations and react to composition and color. I work quickly and forcefully, then synthesize. Without formal art training, I can see the diverse influences that shape my aesthetic. An avid traveler, amateur historian, and a lover of Medieval Art and classical music, I was a self-trained jewelry designer long before becoming a painter. Growing up, I was deeply exposed to Mid-Century, Art and Craft Movement, and Indian and Islamic art. I am now pushing these influences aside and to draw out a deeper aesthetic that is more personal and idiosyncratic, based on line, color and space.