Rhonda Tawil

My painting style is a fusion of abstract and representational. Having a chronic illness for most of my life has made me want to focus on happy and beautiful elements in my artwork. Color is my primary focus because it can transform the mood of anything. My paintings are usually of people doing something that makes them happy. I intermix bright colors and varied techniques to create a joyful freedom from the hardships of life and a perception that even boring and mundane subjects are beautiful. My earliest influences were my talented grandfather and mother, who taught me to paint. I aim to emulate so many famous artists who also loved color, like Picasso, Matisse, Hockney, etc.. By combining abstraction and representation, I attempt to give the viewer a limited idea of what is happening and some sense of mystery, leaving the rest to their interpretation. Some of my favorite subjects are people, in nature, at leisure, playing sports, having fun or being silly. I use my own photos as well as photos I find then I combine them into new compositions. In my artwork I try to convey a sense of harmony, love and playfulness because who couldn’t use more of that?